Training For Pressure Play - 1 Audio CD Set

There is no psychological 'quick fix' that magically makes you relaxed and calm under fire. Learning to play under pressure takes time and correct preparation... it's a process! The good news is... When you prepare correctly, playing under pressure happens automatically.

With my new CD you will learn to develop "spontaneity through preparation"!

But prepare how? This CD lays everything out in a simple two-part pressure plan. Part One covers preparation in practice sessions and practice matches and Part Two covers experience in actual match play.

You will learn:

  • To access the correct internal feeling when playing under pressure
  • To play automatically and instinctively when the heat is on!
  • To play in the zone
  • To trust the 'feel' of your strokes under pressure
  • To get out of your own way, relax and 'let the game happen'

How do I know the two-part pressure plan works? Simple! The principles on this CD are the same principles to play under pressure that I have successfully taught my students for works!

Whether it's the pressure of match play or point play this CD will help prepare you for that crucial moment! You will be one of the few who develop spontaneity through preparation under pressure!

It's simply a cool plan that works when things get hot!

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Training For Pressure Play - 1 Audio CD Set
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