Think Like a Pro - 2 Audio CD Set

"Think Like a Pro" is now available in a two CD package. On CD one is "The ABC's of Tennis" and "Before-Match Pointers." On CD two is "Three Mental Techniques to Increase Your Speed in Tennis" and "Selecting a Doubles Partner." Total running time is 2 hours! Once you listen to these CD's you will never view tennis the same way again!

Here is a brief description of the two CD's content:

  1. The ABC's of Tennis - Learn the 9 myths of tennis, the 4 mental battles you will be up against, the true dynamics of the big "C" consistency, and much more!
  2. Before-Match Pointers - An excellent audio to play before your matches. Helps you relax, gets you in the correct frame of mind, and teaches you to go for your shots.
  3. Three Mental Techniques to Increase Speed - Increase your on-court speed 10-40% maybe more! With these three mental techniques you can increase your speed and you do not have to run sprints or tires to do it! (I know you'll like that part).
  4. Selecting a Doubles Partner - Learn how to find the correct partner for you. Approaches it from the standpoint of the physical skills as well as the mental skills you and your partner should possess. This section will save you a lot of grief.

Running time for both CD's is 2 hours.

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Think Like a Pro - 2 Audio CD Set
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