Controlling Your Emotions in Tennis - 1 Audio CD Set

Emotions getting the best of you?

Are your emotions sabotaging your matches? Are rampant emotions making you focus on your negatives, mistakes and failures, causing you to over-think, over-play and over-analyze? Are your emotions deluding you into believing that you cannot make mistakes and still win?

Emotions that paralyze your thinking can devastate your match play. Your thinking becomes accelerated, you become anxious, you incorrectly evaluate your failures, your playing becomes erratic and you can no longer concentrate on the play at hand.

Your emotions can deceive you into believing:

  • What is happening externally on the court is the cause of all the problems.
  • You cannot win matches while making mistakes.
  • You must play exactly as you planned, or else!
  • When the score is tied, you are losing.
  • The last mistake is more important than the next shot.

Your emotions must be in control to conquer self-doubt, self-pity and self-destruction in your match play. Uncontrolled emotions make you your own worst enemy!

It’s time to learn how to keep your emotions in check

To play at the top of their game, pros have learned to suppress their short-term emotional reactions for the sake of long-term victory. You must do the same. But how? My CD, "The Refocus Technique: Controlling Your Emotions in Tennis" has every principle necessary to help you control your emotional reactions in match play. This CD pits emotion against the mind and demonstrates how this conflict is an ongoing battle that you MUST conquer.

The answer is not a quick-fix, feel-good solution but a plan of action. Once understood, this plan can help your mind conquer your emotions and allow you to take control of yourself and your matches. It’s time for you to learn how the pros control their emotions in match play and how and why you should follow their lead to victory on the court and in life.


"Controlling Your Emotions in Tennis" is another excellent CD from Tom Veneziano. I think of myself as being positive on the court and going for my shots, but this CD conjures up the times when things are going badly, my opponents are "on," and I am missing shots I should make! Little emotions begin creeping in that are hard to shake off. Tom has come up with an amazingly simple technique to rid our mind of this "enemy," our own emotions. Of course we know we shouldn't get emotional about our failures, but it happens! I plan to keep this CD in my car and listen on the way to every match. Thank you, Tom."

Peggy Abshire
Houston, Texas

"The Refocus Technique: Controlling Your Emotions in Tennis" (50 minutes) comes with five diagrams to visually enhance learning for only $15.95.  As always you have my 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, I’m not satisfied!

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Controlling Your Emotions in Tennis - 1 Audio CD Set
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